Notes On A Journey

  • Notes On a Journey

  • Cairo Will Not Wait

  • City Glimpses

  • Il Hamdu L'illah

  • The Alchemy Trail

  • Backstreet Riddle

  • Father Lazarus (at the Monastery of St Antony)

  • Father Lazarus (Detail)

  • From the East Shall Come a Fire

  • Reverie

  • Woven iN the Walls

  • Shifting Surfaces Sofia

  • Molya Bulgaria!

  • Secrets of the Streets and the Stars

  • The Way to Al Azhar

  • Eastern Europe Lets Go

  • Monument

  • After Prayers At the Hardware Store

  • As Memory Fades

  • Cipher

  • Following the Signs

  • Headscarf Seller

  • Intersecting

  • Memoria

  • Palimpsests At Sundown

  • Street Remnants

  • Traces

This body of work was for the second exhibition based on my journey through the Middle East, and contained work based on travel through Eastern Europe, namely Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary.  I revisited material from the other parts of the journey too however, reflecting further on the changing cultures of Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. See “Cusp of Change: A Journey Through the Middle East” for more details.

This work was exhibited as a solo exhibition in the Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow in October 2008.