Premonitions – Figures in the Landscape

  • Vessels

  • From One PLace To Another

  • The Transforming City

  • To the Ends of the Earth

  • The End of Remembering

  • Broken Through and Lift Away

  • The Farthest Point

  • Bridge From Nowhere

  • Furachas (Greeting)

  • Precipice

  • Road To the Ruins

  • Simmer Dim

  • The Last Strand

  • Torn Rocks and a Road

  • Tracery

  • Road To The End

These paintings and studies were the result of exploring the landscape of my own country,from derelict buildings of Dundee and Edinburgh, to the desolate beauty of the far North West Highlands.  My intention was to use these evocative places to build spaces around solitary mysterious figures that were charged with a sense of transience, fragility or paradox. I wanted the spaces in the paintings to feel like they were in some kind of flux; temporary, and uncanny. I decided to go back to using mixed media to create the paintings and used the flatness and solidity of mixed media material to create a tension with the depiction of believable space  and with the form and presence of the figure.  The body of work includes small scale studies started on location and finished in the studio, and some large scale paintings on canvas, all of which were exhibited at the Open Eye Gallery as a solo show ‘Premonitions – Figures in a Fading Landscape’ in October 2012